6 Types of Meeting and Conference Room Layout at Moonah Links Resort

Published on 4th March 2021 in Blog, Conference & Events, Latest News

Room layout contributes to the success of holding a conference or event. Experienced function venues will get the rooms well established as per the requirements of the guests. Here are the 6 types of room layout commonly seen at Peppers Moonah Links Resort.


U-shape Layout

U-shape Conference Room setup at Moonah Links Resort

As the name suggests, the U-shape room setting is created in the shape of a letter ‘U’ with delegates seated along two sides and one end. A ‘U’ shape layout is perfect for events with smaller groups. This is a pretty versatile conference room style. It works great for more intimate presentations where multiple speakers take turns to enter the middle space. Meanwhile, participants are free to take notes and interact with each other.


Cabaret Layout

Cabaret Room Layout at Moonah Links Resort

With a cabaret layout, delegates are seated at large round tables. There will typically be groups of 6 delegates at each table. The side facing the projector screen will be left empty so that the attendees can see what is being displayed. A cabaret style provides delegates with plenty of space and a solid surface to write on during presentations. Sitting around the table creates a relaxed vibe, which makes it a suitable layout for teamwork and group activities.


Boardroom Layout

Meeting Room Setup at Moonah Links Resort

A boardroom layout consists of a single rectangular table that is large enough to seat all the delegates around outside. The proximity to each other will be suitable for delegates to collaborate and discuss. The workshop sessions in smaller groups will be efficient under a boardroom layout.


Theatre Layout

Meeting Room Layout at Moonah Links Resort

With a theatre style layout, chairs are placed in the function rooms just like in theatres or cinemas. There is a central stage for the presenters. All the delegates will sit in rows, facing the stage and projectors. Theatre layout works best when housing a large group of people as it achieves the maximum capacity of a meeting room. Besides, the presenters will face less interference from the audiences.


Banquet Layout

Meeting and Conference Room Layout at Moonah Links Resort

As the name suggests, a banquet style layout is primarily for dining. Seats will be placed around the entire table. It is usually made up of a series of round tables with each seating between 8 and 10 guests. The seats are placed around the entire table. This style of the meeting room is also great for networking sessions where people mingle in small groups around cosy tables and move freely between these.


Classroom Layout

Meeting and Conference Room Layout at Moonah Links Resort

A classroom layout is usually created with small rectangular tables. Tables will be placed in rows facing the front of the room, with three delegates sitting on each one. The classroom layout is perfect for training or team building events where delegates will be interacting with presenters frequently. It will provide attendees with plenty of room to work individually or collaborate in a group whilst being able to see presentations and speakers.

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