Dress Regulations

The golf course, Clubhouse and driving range are subject to the dress regulations below and it is expected that members and guests will utilise facilities with a well groomed appearance.


  • Tailored shorts may be worn by men or ladies.
  • Men’s shorts must be above the knee.
  •  Anklet socks are also acceptable.
  • Slacks must not be worn tucked into socks (unless plus 2’s or plus 4’s).
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes must be worn on the course and practice areas.



  • Football or sporting type shorts.
  • Shirts without collars (an exception applies to women’s attire and shirts that are specifically designed for golf).  Turtle necks are aceptable for men, but no t shirts.
  • Denim of any description
  • Track suit pants/tops or any type of gymnasium attire.
  • Thongs, sandals, or bare feet.
  • Draw string pants or shorts.
  • Metal spikes are not permitted.
  • Members are at all times responsible for the attire of their  guests.

Guests must be informed of dress requirements in advance to avoid embarrassment.

Moonah Links Management has instructed all staff to strictly enforce the above dress regulations and their judgement as to the suitability of attire shall be considered final.



Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the golf courses.