How To Get Your Golf Game Ready For Moonah Links’ Course

Published on 1st January 2021 in Blog, Golfing in Victoria, Latest News


If you’ve booked a tee time at the Moonah Links golf courses, you probably already know that they were designed for the pros, specifically, the Australian Open. Not only that, but the grounds are among the longest courses in Australia as it stretches over 6,783 metres. Not to mention that the beautiful, scenery with perfectly maintained grounds. They’re pretty impressive courses.

But has its impressiveness really sunk in yet? Because when it does finally hit you, the colour might start to drain from your face – you’ve got some big shoes to fill! And as such, you need to get practising. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you prepare and improve your moves so you can really impress whoever you need to on the courses. Without further ado, let’s get chipping.


Practice your swing

A golf swing is like fine art, done right and it looks beautiful, swing wrong and you could really embarrass or hurt yourself even. This is the most important part when it comes to prepping for a game, however. So we’re going to break it down for you, just follow these steps for the perfect swing:

Step 1: Get your grip right by keeping your hands lower, the lower the hands the lower ball flight which will be dependent on the par. 

Step 2: Line up your shot and make sure you’re properly balanced. Hips back, soft knees and angle your shoulders so your right side will be lower than the left.

Step 3: Time to swing. Bring the club up so your left shoulder is stretched. Your left arm should remain straight.

Step 4: Use your body to really get the force behind the ball and it should sail!


Dress the part 

These are nice courses so it’s important to dress in your best golf attire – plus there is a dress code. You know the look: a fresh polo tucked into long sport dress pants topped with a hat or visor, depending on your preference. If you need help in the fashion department, check out our golf shop – we’ve got your back!


Don’t be too hard on yourself 

Even though we’ve given you plenty of tips to properly prep you, it’s still important to keep in mind that you aren’t, in fact, a professional and that’s who this game was designed for! Just go out there and have some fun taking on the challenge.

Now you should be all set to impress! If you haven’t scheduled a tee time, however, good for you for doing some research first! You’re also ready to rock the course, so pick your tee time today.

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