6 Types of Business Events That You Might Be Planning For

Published on 20th January 2021 in Blog, Conference & Events

Scholars believe that events refer to the occasions recognized as special moments in time with rituals and ceremonies to satisfy the specific needs. Indeed unforgettable moments and experience are fundamental consideration when planning a business event – business event planners wish to impress the attendants in their unique ways.

The business events might be planned for various purposes, while resemblance could be found among them. Here at Peppers Moonah Links Resort, we collaborate with our valued business customers to deliver successful events. Based on our experience, business events can generally get categorized into six types.


Planning For Intra-organizational Communication Business Events

Effectiveness from within is a critical source of competitive advantage. Modern organizations have recognized the importance of internal communication in improving effectiveness. A successful intra-organization communication event should focus on improving internal communication efficiency so that the deliverables will be aligned with the requirements.

Useful Communication Model When Planning For A Business Event

Chart 1. 5-Phase Communication Model (Retrieved from OpenLearn, 2021)

As Chart 1 shows, the 5-phase communication model has simplified the communication process into a closed loop. Communication will start with a sender; the sender will encode the message in its way of conveying; the message will get transmitted to the destination; the receiver will decode the message accordingly with the particular cognitive schema; feedback will be delivered from receiver to sender as a process of context learning. The encoding and decoding process is usually less controllable as they are indeed tacit skills of human beings.

We do have control power over, but often-overlooked in the internal communication process is ‘noise’. The noise does not have to be the annoying sound in common sense. The noise in a broad sense can be anything negatively affecting the efficiency of communication.

In that sense, controlling the noise should be an essential consideration when selecting your events’ function venue. At Peppers Moonah Links Resort, our experienced event coordinator will help you create the desired atmosphere for your planning business events.


Planning For HR-Purposed Business Events

Team members are not born to collaborate efficiently. Building an efficient team has been one of the critical targets of the HR department in modern organizations.

Useful Tuckman's Teambuilding Model When Planning For Business Events

Chart 2. Tuckman’s Teambuilding Model (Retrieved from TBA, 2021)

As Tuckman’s team-building model suggests (see Chart 2), a team would at least experience forming, storming, norming phases until efficiently perform. HR function plays a critical role in pushing the process: Building leadership in the forming stage; normalizing the team behaviours in the storming stage; recognizing contributions in the norming stage…

Different HR strategies apply to each of the phases. However, the ideology remains similar. As suggested by the simplified operant conditioning concept, an unforgettable experience is a useful source of influencing behaviours. Savvy managers will understand that an efficient team’s output makes the little input in the necessary HR-purposed events well worth it.

At Peppers Moonah Links Resort, various types of leadership-building and team-building activities are available. Whether it is Survivor, Flat-out Formula 1, Carts for Hearts, Minute to Win It or any other games – we devote to offer a vital source for operant conditioning – the unforgettable memories for your team.


Planning For Inter-organizational Business Events

The collaboration with business partners is always like walking on the ice. You might be aware that the meetings are more effective if they get arranged face to face instead of online. Sometimes setting the meetings in a space with a relaxing atmosphere could reduce the tension among participants, facilitating achieving your targets. Arranging the meetings at a beautiful place does not mean sacrificing brand identity or professionality – it is what function venues should be taking care of for you.

Details in room setting matter. We should never neglect any tiny aspects – they are cognitive stimuli that could affect the perceptions of attendants. Whether you are planning for business partnering, contract negotiating, achievement celebrating or any other purposes, we at Peppers Moonah Links Resort will collaborate with you working on your proper event solutions.


Planning For Customer Appreciation Events

A higher level of customer loyalty will usually lead to repetitive purchasing behaviours – that is why customer management is critical to corporates. It is imperative to say thank you aloud to our valued customers – but we all know that it is never easy to do it right.

Unforgettable experience would be the primary concern when you decide to invite the guests to an event. A featured function will usually work. Well begun, half done. There are plenty of memorable points at Peppers Moonah Links Resort – challenging golf courses with colossal fun; fantastic food and accommodation with warm services; stunning views of the rolling greens; beautiful sunsets in Mornington Peninsula. All the memorable points contribute to your successful event.

The memories and talkability will last long. Instead of holding an event at an average function venue in a nondescript building, your return on investment at our place worths it.


Planning For Marketing Business Events

No more chatters on the importance of experiential marketing in nowadays business environment – As a marketer, I can assure you that the customer experience from on-site events is non-substitutable compared with any other marketing effort sources.

Various themes of marketing events are available for marketers with different objectives. Whether you are planning for a new product launch event aiming to increase product knowledge, sales event seeking to adopt new customers, public relations events for the brand image or whatsoever, there will be solutions available at Peppers Moonah Links Resort. Our flexible, professional and creative unique selling propositions will facilitate with the execution of your marketing plan. We will get the guests to talk about the event for a long time.


Planning For Anniversary/Milestone Celebration Business Events

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating a company’s milestones with stakeholders. Milestones mean that your company has successfully been through the fierce market competition – and doing great in the otherwise ordinary 2020.

The celebration event is a great chance to recognize past achievements and appreciate the efforts of stakeholders. At Peppers Moonah Links we have the full set of up-to-date technologies – (listing some of the technologies) – we are ready to make it fancier than you could imagine.

The categorizing of the six types does not limit our mind. We are always ready to satisfy your 7th type of business events. Please visit our Conference & Events Page, check our Conference Compendium, send us an enquiry via email or contact our Conference & Events team on (03) 5988 2080.

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