Mr and Mrs: Getting ready for your big day at Moonah Links

Published on 25th October 2016 in Blog, Mornington Peninsula Weddings

It's perfectly normal for both sides of the wedding party to have jitters before getting in front of all your friends and family to say 'I do.' You're no runaway bride or groom, of course, but you do need to find a way to calm your nerves a bit. 

The good news is that you chose Moonah Links as your wedding venue, and that means you each have ample opportunities to kick back and relax before tying the knot. Forget the nervous laughter – give your soon-to-be spouse a kiss and check out our recommendations for relaxing before your big day.

For the Mrs.

What could be better than a day dedicated to pamper at the resort's day spa? The answer is nothing! Our spa's friendly staff and treatments will have you relaxing the second you walk through the door. Indulge in one of the many beauty services, like a soothing facial, before settling in for a nice long massage. Trust us, the beauticians know exactly how to get all the jitters out of your system. Plus, you can leave with some of the very products that helped put you in that idyllic trance. 

Your fiance could come with you – who doesn't love a good pampering? But we think he might enjoy our next option a bit more.

Calm your jitters at the day spa.Calm your jitters at the day spa.

For the Mr.

Schedule a tee time at Moonah Links' golf course since we're known as the Home of Australian Golf. Our courses are the perfect way to unwind as it has 18 holes across 6,315 metres of beautiful, lush grounds that make it one of the longest (and in our opinion most beautiful) course in Australia. Keep in mind, this is a pro's course as it was designed for the Australian Open. So you know if you can master these pars, you'll be ready to walk down the aisle in confidence on your wedding day.

Golf like the pros before the big day.Golf like the pros before the big day.

For Him and Her

Don't forget to check out all the amazing eateries around Mornington Peninsula, like the famous Asian-fusion restaurant, Steam or the Mediterranean cafe, Manhattan In Mornington. If you want to have an early night to ensure you're well rested, you could both meet up for a bite at the resort's Pebbles Restaurant. It'll be nice to enjoy one last quiet meal together before the party's chaos! 

Congratulations on your big day, by the way. We hope that with these tips you're able to enjoy it in its fullest! 

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