10 of the best Mornington Peninsula eateries

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Now we all know that the Mornington Peninsula is blessed with a bounty of sumptuous food and wine. The only problem is deciding which of the many different options you want to visit while you’re staying in the region. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that, as we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favourite local spots (and their TripAdvisor ratings).

Best of all, they’re all within an easy half hour drive of your room at Moonah Links


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1. Montalto (4/5)

Montalto is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most highly regarded growers of all sorts of fresh produce. While you can certainly buy products to take home, it’s hard to beat sitting down for a meal at the source. Montalto restaurant is open for lunch from Friday to Tuesday and dinner on Friday and Saturday. The picturesque settings and exterior views are a particular highlight, so aims to go on a warm, sunny day.

2. Stillwater restaurant at Crittenden Estate (4.5/5)

No list of Mornington Peninsula eateries would be complete without mentioning the region’s wine, so we thought we’d include one of our favourite producers and a staple at our own Pebbles restaurant – Crittenden Estate. While the wine alone is worth visiting for, Stillwater restaurant may make you never want to leave. Located within the bowels of the estate, Stillwater has been one of the Peninsula’s top destinations since opening in 2004, and is open for lunch seven days a week during summer and Wednesday through Sunday in winter. Dinner is available on Friday and Saturday nights. 

3. Ten Minutes by Tractor (5/5) 

One of the outstanding restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula, Ten Minutes by Tractor is everything that you could possible want from contemporary cuisine. The menu combines classic French cooking techniques with fresh local ingredients, and the wine list is widely considered one of the best in the country. Ten Minutes by Tractor is open for lunch daily during the summer, with dinner from Tuesday through Saturday. During the rest of the year lunch is on offer from Wednesday to Sunday, and dinner from Thursday to Saturday. 


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4. Ruby Modern Thai (4/5)

Changing tact to something a little bit more unexpected, Ruby Modern Thai is the place on the peninsula to go for a taste of Asian cuisine. The menu at Ruby Modern Thai is fresh, flavourful and authentic to the chef’s lifetime of experience. Best of all, take away and BYO options are available, perfect for when you’re feeling like a more relaxed (and cheaper) night out. Open for dinner every day except Monday. 

5. Green Olive at Red Hill (4/5) 

A truly rustic experience, Green Olive at Red Hill is located amidst one of the region’s most prolific farms. Everything from olives to lambs can be found here, and most importantly enjoyed on the menu. Tapas are a great way to experience the best of the area, and the all day menu runs the gamut from lamb sausages to coffee beans roasted on site. Open every day from September to April, and from Wednesday to Sunday during the rest of the year. 

6. Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm (3.5/5) 

This is probably the most niche eatery on our list, but if you’ve got a sweet tooth it is not to be missed. Sunny Ridge produces some of the most beautifully plump and fresh strawberries you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting, and for true decadence you can head along to the dessert cafe and lose yourself in a fantasy of sorbet and whipped cream. The best time to visit is during strawberry season (November to April), when the farm is open every day and ranks as one of the best things to do on the Mornington Peninsula.

7. The Long Table (4/5) 

A favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, The Long Table has carved out a spot as one of the best places to experience everything that the region has to offer. Sit on a velvet church pew and tuck into a feast inspired by the changing seasons. No two meals here are alike, so you’ll have to check back in every time your visit. Open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. 

8. Main Ridge Dairy (4.5/5)

Now you might be saying to yourself – is a dairy really one of the best eateries on the Mornington Peninsula? The answer is a resounding yes, especially once you’ve tasted the delicious milk and cheeses lovingly crafted on site. Main Ridge is the largest dairy in the region, and is the perfect place to visit if you want to see just how the peninsula’s famous wine and goat cheese can be paired together to create an explosion of taste. Open from Thursday through Sunday all year round. 

9. Loquat (4.5/5) 

Named for one of the first stone fruits to appear each season, Loquat has a fresh, distinct menu that is indicative of its location in sunny Sorento. The produce is sourced from the very best producers, and complemented by delicious herbs grown in the restaurant’s very own micro herb garden. There’s even a private dining room, which is perfect for larger groups celebrating a birthday or other special occasion. You can head down to Loquat for dinner on Thursday, Fridays and weekends. 


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10. Paringa Estate Restaurant (4.5/5) 

Another of our absolute favourite wine makers, Paringa Estate is a great way to cap off our list. While the wine itself is to die for, pairing it with the right food is really a party for your palate. The menu at Paringa Estate’s restaurant is an exciting blend of classic and contemporary, and with sweeping panoramic views of the vineyard below, you really will be treated to an evening pleasure for all the senses. Open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday and for dinner on weekends, with extra hours during the busy summer rush. 

These are just 10 of the best eateries in a close radius to Moonah Links. The list is by no means exhaustive, and to discover even more of what the region has to offer you’ll just have to visit and find out for yourself. 

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