Q&A: Dave Sherlock, food and beverage manager

Published on 29th August 2016 in Blog, Corporate Travel and Events, Mornington Peninsula Events


It may be cliche, but it really is true that a business is defined by the staff who work for it – shaping the forward direction and personality of the brand. As part of our ongoing question and answer sessions with the people who make Moonah Links tick, we sat down with Dave Sherlock, the resort’s food and beverage manager, to talk about the immense appeal of the Mornington Peninsula, the amazing local wine and what goes into organising some of the regions most exclusive events. 


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Thanks for joining us Dave.  What can you tell us about your background and role as food and beverage manager at Moonah Links?

Essentially I organise and run the day to day operations of what customers eat and drink, and make sure that it happens on time. Previously I worked for AIH Group, doing everything from bars and nightclubs to restaurants over my eight years. Then I saw this opportunity to work in a singular place rather than transferring around. It’s still high volume, but with a much more organisational focus and better control over what happens, rather than winging it. 

What key qualities does the job require?

You definitely need to be very organised, but you also have to be flexible enough to cope with any changes that might happen throughout the day. In many ways it’s a plan for the worst, hope for the best environment, but most of the time our planning pays off and things go smoothly. But when they don’t, having the right backup is key. 

We’ve got the beaches on either side, great food and amazing wine.

Why do you think so many people choose the Mornington Peninsula for their functions and events?

We’re really lucky with our location. We’ve got the beaches on either side, great food and amazing wine. All of these things are only 15 to 20 minutes away, and that’s not an experience that you get in the city. You can see that in the big corporate groups that come from the cities, and obviously having two of the best golf courses in Victoria also plays a part in providing something that’s completely different. 

How big a factor does the wine play?

The Mornington Peninsula is definitely known for its wine. It’s one of the premier cool climate regions in Australia, if not the world. What people realise when they get here is that there’s actually more than just wine – there’s also a lot of good food and cheeses produced down here, and it all ties in together. 

Thanks Dave! For more information on the fantastic food and drink of the Mornington Peninsula, get in touch with Moonah Links today.

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