Why Moonah Links is the perfect destination for making new connections at conferences

Published on 11th April 2016 in Blog, Corporate Travel and Events, Golfing in Victoria, Mornington Peninsula Events

After a rocky period during the global financial crisis a few years ago, business conferences are bouncing back with a vengeance. A recent Travel Leaders Group survey showed that 40.2 per cent of business-focused travel agencies believe that 2016 will remain on par with a strong 2015 in terms of business travel. More importantly 36.6 per cent believe that bookings will increase.

The Mornington Peninsula

provides a gorgeous backdrop

for a plethora of team-building activities.

Where to?

Moonah Links can provide world-class facilities and accommodation of all types to travellers ranging from smaller groups of employees right through to the big conferences of 100 people or more, all of whom can be hosted on site. 

With several large and well-equipped meeting spaces, as well as private boardrooms and configurable breakout rooms, Moonah Links can be moulded to fit every size or style of event imaginable. All of these areas are state of the art, with internet, blackout facilities and audio-visual equipment provided so that your work and information can be clearly and properly shown. If you've got a large group, the Corporate Marquee can be configured to fit over 300 people, and is fully tricked out with catering facilities. Better still, the walls can be retracted to reveal a stunning view over the golf course, dotted with sandy dunes and overlooked by gnarled moonah trees.

There's also an in-house conference team at Moonah Links that can provide organisation, admin and support to your event from start to finish, as well as help during the preparation phase to provide dedicated theming and decoration of the spaces you'll be using. 

After hours

While Moonah Links is the perfect setting for conferences, the Mornington Peninsula provides a gorgeous backdrop for a plethora of team-building activities and opportunities to create relationships with potential clients. While it may not be the goal of the trip, travelling with co-workers to a conference is a great chance to get to know some of your teammates.

According to a 2014 survey conducted by Globoforce, having friends at work significantly increases both loyalty to the company that you work for as well as engagement levels. It also leads to being prouder of the company that you work for; and who doesn't want to feel happy about where they work and with what they're doing? Everybody wins, and a great way to forge those friendships is through new experiences or sharing a hobby.

Golf has long been thought of as a great business activity, and it's not hard to see why. Spending the day travelling around in a tight-nit group, taking turns swinging and blowing off steam is tailor-made for forming relationships. Golfers tend to relish the opportunity to experience a new set of 18 holes, and if you happen to be at a resort with two of the top-rated golf courses in Victoria, chances are that you'll want to play. Fortunately there's always plenty of others in the same boat, so finding a group at a conference is easy and a really great way to develop bonds that you otherwise might not have had the opportunity to.

If golf isn't your bag, don't worry: There are hundreds of things to do on the Peninsula that offer similar opportunities for building, strengthening and maintaining ties. Winery tours and tastings are a great way to loosen tongues and get a conversation flowing, while fishing and sailing offer a peaceful, quiet place to nut out a deal while waiting for the local salmon to bite.

There's so much that you can look into on the Mornington Peninsula, with great options for whatever you and your new business contacts feel like doing in your spare time. Maybe save the Peninsula Hot Pools for the close co-workers, though. 

Business travel is also a great opportunity for networking. Business travel is a great opportunity for networking and getting to know your co-workers. 

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