Treat your taste buds to the ultimate Mornington Peninsula dining experience

Published on 5th April 2016 in Blog, Corporate Travel and Events, Holiday Tips and Advice, Mornington Peninsula Activities

The Mornington Peninsula is an absolute treat for dietary tastes of any variety. Whether you're a seafood nut, a rabid meat-eater, or a veggie lover, you're guaranteed to find something on this beautiful stretch of coastal paradise that makes you forget all about those quick supermarket meals back home. The area is famed for its cuisine, and the promise of good food and good drink is one of the reasons why visiting is such a popular holiday in Victoria

Eat like a local

The fertile land and rich waters of the area have been harnessed for generations by family businesses to grow some of Australia's best produce. Highlights include the local cheeses and chocolates, the plentiful and fresh local seafood, and the fruit from the various picturesque orchards dotted amongst the hinterland. 

Perhaps most important is the famous local wine, with pinot noir and chardonnay being particular specialities. Home to over 50 wineries, the area is well and truly vino territory but don't worry if that's not your cup of tea. Boutique beers, ciders and spirits are also on the agenda for some of the region's more experimental brewers. Hopefully a few of these places are on your Mornington Peninsula to do list, but it would take a lifetime to explore everything that the land has to offer.

Mornington Peninsula's greatest hits

The traditional food and drink of the Mornington Peninsula comes together with the latest contemporary style at Pebbles Restaurant. The carefully crafted selection of the best food and drink from throughout the region is one of the best on offer. Dining at Pebbles is an excellent way to follow on from an afternoon of relaxing at the Peninsula Hot Springs or beating your best golf result on the Moonah Links Open or Legends circuits, two of the premier golf courses in victoria.

The fantastic servers at Pebbles will be only too happy to help you choose a matching wine from an extensive collection, giving your taste buds a perfect pairing to treasure until your next trip. The local pinot noir is particularly versatile, pairing equally well with meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. 

As a coastal region, water plays a big part in every aspect of life on the Mornington Peninsula, and food is no exception. Port Phillip Bay is teeming with life, and for generations has been fuelling the activities of locals and visitors alike. The bay is heading into prime salmon season through till September, so if you're feeling industrious you can even head out on the water yourself for a spot of fishing!

At Pebbles this maritime heritage is celebrated on regular Seafood Nights, which are a great opportunity to explore a range of tastes and flavours. These special meals are innovative, beautifully presented, and delicious, with one TripAdvisor review glowingly referring to the barramundi as "a vision of great passion on a plate."

Table for 110, please

As well as being one of Australia's top golfing destinations, the natural beauty of Moonah Links and the wealth of potential activities on the Mornington Peninsula makes Pebbles a great dining experience to focus a conference or function around. With seating for up to 110 people, Pebbles can cater to groups of all sizes and provides an ideal atmosphere to spend some quality time getting to know your co-workers, meeting new colleagues from across the country, or simply relaxing with friends and family. And if there's ever a quiet moment, a stunning view across the Open course, with a golden sunset sinking behind the majestic Moonah trees, should give you something to talk about.  

If you'd like to secure the right evening for your function in advance, be sure to book online to get the perfect date.

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