4 things to look for in a corporate conference venue

Published on 18th April 2015 in Blog, Corporate Travel and Events

Maybe your company is planning to launch a new service and managers from across the country want to discuss its development. Perhaps a new industry trend has sparked a conversation among competing business leaders.

A conference venue should create a sense of comfort, yet support business action.

Whatever your reason for planning a conference in Mornington Peninsula, you need to ensure the attendees feel cared for. This includes choosing a facility with the appropriate accommodations.

Remember: A conference isn't just a meeting of the minds, but a place where business professionals can break away from a routine, even if it's only for a few days. Conferences can be hectic if they're not planned well, and it doesn't help when lacklustre amenities add to the stress. 

We've listed four characteristics of an ideal conference location.

1. Acoustically inclined 

Imagine sitting in an open space offering plenty of natural lighting, seating and other necessary comforts. Anticipation is high, and when the first keynote speak of the conference finally takes the stage, you can almost taste the excitement.

She's smart, innovative and engaging, and you can't hear a word she's saying. 

Acoustics and audio equipment are two features you can't ignore. The point of a conference is to share new ideas and perspectives, and a speaker shouldn't need to shout to be heard. 

2. Comforting

Attendees don't want to feel as if they're a bother. Conference venue staff should be welcoming and provide a sense of ease, as if every need that may arise will be taken care of. Everything from the bed linens to the grounds must create the feeling that the delegates are on holiday. 

Why? It's an atmosphere devoid of stress, enabling professionals to focus on the conference itself. A placid mind makes for a productive congregation. 

Does the conference all have the right acoustics? Does the conference all have the right acoustics?

3. Reputable 

Before booking accommodations in Mornington Peninsula, ask about the venues you're interested in seeing. One bad review isn't enough to discredit a resort's reputation, but if a string of such assessments exist, it's a red flag that you should take note of. 

Look for incredibly descriptive, positive reviews. If a person who had a good experience at a conference venue speaks about the place in detail, it's a sign the hotel made a positive impression on them. 

4. Easy to work with 

The minute a venue's managers try to relegate your experience is the minute you should look for another place. If anything, a resort should be flexible to fit your needs as an event planner. If the hotel's management views your accommodation as an urgent matter, pay attention to that place – it's likely your best option. 

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